COMMUnicable disease prevention plan


Section A: Communicable Disease Prevention Plan (massage therapy)

Section B: Pre-appointment questionnaire

Section C: What this means for your appointment (massage therapy)

Please be aware that the "Communicable Disease Prevention Plan" and the "Pre-appointment Questionnaire" are fluid documents that may change at any time, pursuant to changes from the CMTBC, the RMTBC, of the office of the PHO. Thank you


Prior to the appointment:

1 -The RMT will communicate with the patient regarding:

  • the need to arrive at the appointment with no signs of communicable disease

  • the ongoing requirement for mask-wearing in the clinic

  • the ongoing requirement for hand sanitation or washing upon arrival

  • the ongoing need to follow physical distancing markers in the clinic.

This communication will occur in the form of the Pre-Appointment Questionnaire, which is automatically emailed 36 hours before the appointment. If the patient does not complete the questionnaire, or if they provide answers that require a conversation, the RMT will make efforts to contact the patient to ensure that all aspects are understood.

Physical distancing:

1-The patient must follow the clearly marked lines for direction of travel through the waiting area to ensure 2m of clearance between people.

2-To help avoid crowding, patients are encouraged to arrive unaccompanied unless the patient is a minor who requires parent/guardian, or is infirm and needs assistance.

3-To help avoid crowding, patients are encouraged to arrive on time (not early) for their appointment. Additionally, we are still not allowed to use our comfortable fabric waiting room chairs, and must use less comfortable plastic ones that can be wiped with sanitizer.

4- Physical distancing is not possible during hands-on treatment, which is why being symptom-free, sanitizing hands, and enhanced cleaning are essential to minimize risk to all.

Hand Hygiene:

1-The patient must clean their hands upon entry to the practice environment.

2- The RMT must wash hands often, as appropriate.

3- Hand-washing protocols must be posted at every sink and in the reception area.

Face Touching Avoidance:

1-The patient must be reminded that coronavirus can be spread by touch if a person has used their hand/s to cover a cough or a sneeze.

2- The patient should be invited to use tissues supplied by the clinic if they need to touch their face due to a tickle or itch that they need to address. There must be tissues available to the patient in reception, the treatment rooms, and the washroom.

3- The patient must be made aware that proper mask use requires hand sanitizing before and after touching a mask - every time the mask is touched.

4- The RMT must use a hand towel or tissue if they need to touch their face.

Enhanced Cleaning and Sanitizing:

1-Visibly soiled surface must be cleaned immediately and then disinfected.

2-High-touch surfaces (washroom taps, toilet lever, all handles, knobs, taps, computers, phones, stools, light switches, counters, chairs, etc) must be cleaned and disinfected frequently, even if they do not appear to be soiled.

3-Linens must continue to be washed after each use.

4- Time between patients to thoroughly sanitize will be scheduled, and so a 15-minute buffer remains in place between appointments to allow for this - this *may* be changed at Phase 4 (Sept 2021), requiring small adjustments to appointments that have been booked a long time in advance.

5- In the treatment room, the treatment table, face cradle, arm rests, table levers, lotion bottles, etc will continue to be cleaned and disinfected after each treatment.

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE):

1-The patient and RMT will both wear masks; if the patient can bring their own, this will be helpful. The RMT will have have clean fabric re-usable masks and single-use disposable masks available for patient use.

2- Hands must be washed prior to putting on a mask, prior to removing a mask, and after disposing of a mask in the garbage.

3- The RMT will have single-use vinyl gloves and re-usable (disinfected) goggles if the patient requests their use.

Professional Obligations:

1- The RMT must not provide in-person care or be in a practice setting if they are exhibiting signs of a communicable disease .

2- The RMT must follow the additional requirements set by their professional liability insurance provider


PRE-APPOINTMENT QUESTIONNAIRE [2020-05-14] [edited 2020-05-16] [edited 2020-06-10] [edited 2020-09-07] [edited 2021-04-17] [EDITED AND RENAMED 2021-07-01] [edited 2021-09-26]

1. I understand that I will still need to wear a mask, hand sanitize, and follow physical distancing rules at the clinic.

Yes /No

2. Patients must arrive at their appointment with no signs of communicable disease. If they have signs of COVID-19, they are to contact public health at 8-1-1 and arrange to be tested.

I understand my obligation to arrive symptom-free. (check box to acknowledge)

3. Are you experiencing any of the following: mild to moderate shortness of breath, difficulty breathing, inability to lie down because of difficulty breathing, chronic health conditions that you are having difficulty managing because of difficulty breathing, severe chest pain, fever, chills, cough, sore throat, loss of sense of smell or taste, headache, extreme fatigue, body aches, loss of appetite, having a very hard time waking up, feeling confused, losing consciousness, nausea/vomiting, diarrhea.

Yes /No

I understand that, *regardless of the status of BC's mask mandate*, there has been no change to mask protocols for massage therapy clinics. I understand that my mask MUST remain covering my nose and mouth for the entirety of my appointment, regardless of my position on the table.*

I acknowledge my obligation (check box to acknowledge)

___________________ ______________________ ____________

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C. What this means for your appointment [edited 2021-09-26]

  • Massage therapy is health care service, and so a vaccine card is NOT required for your appointment.

  • You still need to wear a mask, hand sanitize on arrival, and be physically distant from other people.

  • On the day of your appointment, please try to come to the clinic alone and be sure to follow the "Social Distancing" signage regarding the stairwell and elevator. If you are already wearing a mask, you may enter the clinic, spray your own hands (or go to the washroom to wash them) and have a seat in the waiting room. If you have forgotten a mask, at the time of your appointment please knock on the clinic door, open it slightly, and then call in that you have come for an appointment but forgotten a mask. We will bring one to you at the door.

  • Your RMT greet you and will reconfirm that you are not experiencing the symptoms of a communicable disease.

  • Your RMT will bring you into the treatment room, perform any interview and assessment necessary, and then leave the room for you to get ready on the table. Please place any belongings on the plastic chair and the hexagonal table, because these surfaces can be easily sanitized after you leave.

  • After you have left, your RMT will remove the used table linens, putting them either directly into the washer or into a basket for soiled linens only, and the clean and disinfect the treatment room.