Benita Basra, DC

After graduating from UBC with a degree in Chemistry, Dr. Basra went to Palmer West Chiropractic College in San Jose, California. She advanced in the sports chiropractic program and treated many athletes of different ages and levels. Dr. Basra has also acquired a certification in Orthotic casting and gait scan analysis and is a sport nutritional specialist. She has also finished a 2 year fellowship program in the Chiropractic Extremity Practitioner Program.

Dr. Basra’s practice currently ranges from elite athletes, adults, seniors, children, pediatrics and prenatal women. She strongly believes the most effective treatment approach is some combination of soft tissue work (ART, trigenics, massage), physiotherapy (heat, ice, stretching, and exercise), and chiropractic (restoration of joint mechanics).

Dr. Basra believes in optimizing one’s health potential and performance. She is very committed to giving her patients the most up-to-date natural health care available. She is very enthusiastic, full of knowledge and always willing to help her patients reach their optimal health goals.

Dr. Benita Basra is certified in Webster Technique and currently is trying to focus her practice on pre and post natal women, pregnancy, children, and babies.


"So happy Dr. Basra is practicing at this clinic. So much closer for us now. She is truly amazing, great with children, athletes and families.  My entire family sees her, my daughter is a soccer player, I am a runner and she has helped all of us so much.  So knowledgeable, caring and helpful.  Highly recommend her!" ~Alice, runner

"Dr. Basra is very professional and knowledgeable.  She has helped my entire family.  My one daughter is a competitive dancer and another a competitive soccer player.  Both my daughters were complaining of low back, hip and knee pain.  Dr. Basra helped both of them by giving them amazing treatments, proper exercises to do, and individualized their treatments according to their needs as their sports are so different.  I really liked that."    ~Melissa, mother of athletic kids

'Dr Basra works:

Tuesdays and Thursdays 9:15-2:15