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CLINIC POLICIES - cancellation, late arrival, payment, harassment 

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Cancellation and missed appointment policy

24 hours is required to cancel or change an appointment or a fee equal to 50% of the treatment in question (ie $32.50 for a $65 appointment ) will be levied.

Late arrival policy

Late arrival will result in shortened hands-on/sessional time at the discretion of the therapist; if you are more than 15 minutes late, the appointment is considered to be missed.

Payment policy

Payment is due at the time services are rendered and direct billing to insurers can only be attempted if the patient has supplied the coverage information 24 hours before the appointment.

Harassment policy 

The following behaviours are unwelcome in our clinic: epithets; derogatory comments; slurs; offensive remarks or jokes; innuendo; abusive language; unwelcome attention of a sexual nature such as: questions or remarks about sex life, invitations, or remarks about physical appearance; leering, sexualizing the therapeutic treatment; derogatory posters, cartoons, drawings, gestures; displays of pornographic, sexist, racist, or other offensive or derogatory material including those received through email or on the internet. Clients who engage in any of these behaviours will have their session immediately terminated, will be responsible for the full cost of the booked treatment, and will be blocked from booking in the future. In addition, law enforcement will be notified.

COMMUNICABLE DISEASE PREVENTION POLICY-illness, masks, sanitizing (click to expand)

Illness: DO NOT attend your appointment if you are exhibiting signs of contagious illness; instead please call or email to cancel your appointment.


TCIT will have have single-use disposable masks available for patient use.

Hand Hygiene: Hand sanitizer is available for patients to sanitize their hands upon entry to the practice environment.

Cleaning and Sanitizing: Visibly soiled surface must be cleaned immediately and then disinfected. Linens are always washed after each use. Treatment table, face cradle, arm rests, etc are cleaned and disinfected after each treatment.

Professional Obligations: The RMTs must follow requirements set by the College of Complementary Health Professionals of British Columbia. See:  CCHP Communicable Disease Prevention Requirements (scroll down the drop down boxes to the  one with this name)


Do you accept icbc claims?

We do not have any clinicians who direct bill to ICBC at this time.  If you are in a motor vehicle collision and would like treatment at our clinic, you will need to pay your RMT, chiropractor, or counsellor for your treatment and then submit your receipts to ICBC for reimbursement.  Please note that ICBC rates may not align with TCIT's.

do you direct bill extended health insurers?


what education do your counsellors have?

All of the counselling professionals at TCIT hold a minimum of a Masters Degree.  

Some hold the title Registered Clinical Counsellor (RCC) and one is a Registered Social Worker (RSW).

do i need to come early?

Whether for massage therapy, chiropractic, or counselling, for an Initial appointment it is a good idea to be a few minutes early to make sure you can find the clinic and to fill in some initial paperwork.  

For Subsequent appointments, arriving on time is fine.  

Please avoid being late as your therapist will end the appointment on time -  it makes your therapy time shorter!

there's no receptionist, what do i do?

Please just have a seat in the central waiting area.  If you would like to use the restroom before your appointment, please do so - there is no need to wait and ask us if it is okay. Your therapist will come and get you when they are ready for you.

should i tell you if.....

YES! If you are hot, cold, thirsty, hate the music, or in some other way are uncomfortable, please let us know so that we can do everything we can to improve your experience.