Rates and Billing

registered Massage therapy

Rates (include GST)

  • 30-minute appointment $63

  • 45-minute appointment $94

  • 60-minute appointment $120

  • 90-minute appointment $183

Per the Registered Massage Therapists Association of BC, your appointment time includes:

  • Interview

  • Assessment

  • Hands-on treatment

  • Patient Education

  • Administration

Methods of payment - (massage therapy )

    • E-transfer to TCITherapies@gmail.com for Kristina and Richard, and teazaurrini.rmt@gmail.com for Téa

    • Cash

    • For your convenience, we offer payment through our clinic software using Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Visa Debit, Debit Mastercard. To access this payment option, you must enter your information through your account. Your numbers are stored, encrypted, in another server, and we cannot see or access them, other than to charge your card for your treatments, or to delete your card from the payment system.

    • We offer gift cards if you want to purchase a treatment for someone in your life; we create a virtual gift card in our booking system (so the amount can never be lost!) and you will receive a professionally-printed cardstock certificate. Gift cards can be transferred (please call to inform us) but are not refundable.

Direct billing (massage therapy )

Please note: WE DO NOT direct bill to ICBC and WorkSafeBC (formerly WCB) at this time.

For your convenience, we offer direct billing through the following portals:

    • ProviderNet - Pacific Blue Cross

    • Medavie Blue Cross - Blue Cross, RCMP, DVA

    • Telus eClaims - Manulife, Canada Life (formerly Great West and London Life), and more

    • ProviderConnect - Greenshield, SSQ, Empire Life

    • Sun Life Lumino - Sun Life

Regarding direct billing:

    • We must have your claim information prior to the appointment in order to direct bill

    • We cannot guarantee that the claim will be accepted

    • It is the patient's responsibility to liaise with their insurer about coverage denials

Counselling (RCC and RSW)

Rates for counselling with Registered Social Worker (RSW)

55-minute appointment $145; some sliding-scale appointments available

Rates for counselling with Registered Clinical Counsellor (RCC)

  • 50-minute INDIVIDUAL counselling $130

  • 75-minute INDIVIDUAL counselling $195

  • 50-minute COUPLES counselling $150

  • 75-minute COUPLES counselling $225

Method of contactless payment (counselling)

  • e-transfer is accepted

Direct billing (counselling)

  • direct billing to CVAP (Crime Victim Assistance Program) is available for those who qualify