Krystin Lozynyc, rcc

Krystin Lozynyc, MEd, RCC

Krystin was born in Winnipeg and moved to Coquitlam when she was 6 with her family who wanted to be in the beautiful Pacific North West to hike, camp, and spend time outdoors. She has been working as a French Immersion Teacher in the Coquitlam School District for 7 years, and strongly values the connections she has built with her students. She is a lifelong learner and continues to learn from both her students and her clients' perspectives. Krystin has also worked as a lifeguard for over 15 years.

As a registered Counsellor with the British Columbia Association of Counsellors, Krystin strongly values the special relationship that is developed in a therapeutic setting and considers it a privilege to support her clients. She will meet you at your level and create a safe space for you to move forward at your pace.

Krystin’s passion in counselling is to create a healthy relationship based on connection, trust, optimism, and safety, while always using a person-centred approach. She believes that all people are resilient, and counselling can be a great first step towards positive change in your life. Krystin’s experience teaching and work with youth struggling with anxiety and depression inform her practice. She works with children, youth and adults and draws from some trauma-informed therapies (Mindfulness, IFT) and thought- and behavior-based therapies (CBT, DBT). You can work collaboratively to identify unhelpful patterns, thoughts and behaviors to set realistic and achievable goals such as feeling happier, more successful, and healthy. Most importantly, your work together will draw on your own insight into your feelings to identify your emotional needs. Krystin’s modality is eclectic, from a feminist lens, she is a LGBTQA+ ally and she can be flexible in adapting to what best suits your personal needs.

"My priority is creating a therapeutic relationship where you feel supported and safe. I am honoured to be a part of your therapeutic experience and recognize how much courage it requires to take these first steps of seeking support in this endeavor. I hope to support you through your counselling journey."

Krystin works:

Thursdays 4:00-8:00